Stony Man Sunset

The hike from Skyland parking lot to Stony Man overlook is not much of a hike.  It's 0.8 miles one way along a fairly even grade.  I began at 6:30 with the intention to setup the 4x5 field camera, and spend a tranquil two hours doing a little "back to photo basics" moving around the bellows and remembering how to adjust focus.  In my pack was a 16-oz Sierra Nevada as well...that never hurts.  Upon arriving, the beer came first (naturally) and I settled into a relatively comfortable seat among the rocks to wait it out.   I was joined by someone else with a camera not too long afterwards, and we made some conversation to pass the time.  Corey was a motorcycle mechanic in New Jersey, and had ridden his bike six hours down for sunset.  After sunset, he was back on the bike for another six hours home only to be at work at 10 the next morning.  Now THAT is dedication. 

Something I've often thought, and it's often reiterated:  You never meet bad people at the tops of good mountains. 

As for those 4x5 exposures, turns out the film cartridges were safely back in the car and not in my bag.  Good times.